How To Find WordPress Gutenberg Reusable Blocks (Step By Step Tutorial)

How To Find Gutenberg Reusable Blocks In WordPress For Beginners

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In this video tutorial, we are going to take a look at the reusable blocks, step by step. So let’s get started so again. We start with a new post and here enter your post title. Then click on this plus button to add a block and select image from it.

Then click on options and from the list select add to reusable blocks from here. We can upload image. On top, we have untitled reusable block copy and option buttons to add more options from right. We can give it a name: let’s insert default image as a name, so it is updated now again, click on options and select add to reusable blocks.

How To Find WordPress Reusable Blocks (Step By Step Tutorial)

Here. We can see reusable block and upload button to upload images from these six dots. You can drag and drop it to change its position on right. We have its definition, which says: free and save content to reuse across your site, update the block and the changes apply everywhere.

It’s used now again. Click on this plus button in this time, add gallery from blocks again go to options and select add to reusable blocks. You can scroll from these up and down arrows to see more blocks now it also becomes the reusable block.

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WP Learning 101

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