How To Use WordPress Classic Editor (Step By Step Tutorial)

How To Use WordPress Classic Editor In WordPress

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In this video tutorial, we are going to take a look at how to use classic editor step by step. So let’s get started so from your WordPress dashboard, go to post and select, add new! So here first add your post title.

Then your post content here you can see that the permalink is created which you can edit. As for your own convenience and click. Ok, then we have an option to add media in our post. Here at last, we have toolbar toggle option, click on it and more tools will appear.

How To Use WordPress Classic Editor (Step By Step Tutorial)

You can bold your text from here or remove bold change it into italics or remove it. Then you also have fun options. Select the one you like from the list here. You have shortcut keys for every font, then we have bullet list option next to it is number list select the bullet list and press enter after text to add bullet points in your post.

When you select numbered list bullet points will change into numbers. Next, we have text color to change. The color of the text, then cross letters options on right below we have categories tags and featured images.

From top you can select publish date, click on edit here select month, date, year, time, etc and click ok to schedule. Then we have save draft button to save it as draft with preview button to preview your post and schedule button to schedule your post.

So that’s how you can use classic editor.

Thank you for watching.

WP Learning 101

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